Principal Dunked In Heart Association Fund-Raiser


Will Dunman, the principal at Payson Elementary School, splashed into the waters of the dunk tank 47 times due to the skill of his students.

All the splashing happened during a PEC fund-raiser for the American Heart Association (AHA).

"I really didn't know what to expect. I had a blast and it rewarded the hard work that all of kids put into Jump Rope for Heart. It was a good way to wrap up our school year," Dunman said.

The tank was set up close to the building so the custodian made sure Dunman had some hot water in the tank.

Each of 130 students paid their fin ($5) for three chances to throw the ball and hit the target.

Simran James Galhotra, his sister Melissa and Sarah Johnson earned free tosses at the dunk target for their collection efforts.

Simran James has been the top cash fund-raiser for two years. He raised $1,001. Melissa came in second this year with $605.

"We were trying to boost our online donations and this year they more than doubled," physical education teacher Judy Perham said.

Johnson brought in $535 online.

This school year, Payson Elementary School raised a grand total of $16,200 for the AHA. Frontier Elementary School had their best fund-raising event ever with $5,900 collected and Julia Randall Elementary School raised more than $14,412.

The three schools topped by $6,500 the more than $30,000 they raised in 2007.

"The community grand total is impressive," Perham said.

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