Movie Review: Cinematography, Special Effects, Color Dazzle Audience



The cinematography in "Speed Racer" was intense and mesmerizing. The visual effects of "Speed Racer" were beyond their time.

At first, I had my doubts about "Speed Racer," but about two minutes into the opening credits, any reservations that I had disappeared. I believe what jumped out at me the most was how colorful everything was.

To quote my friend Seth Scott's reaction after first being exposed to the colorfulness of the film,"Oh my gosh! There's more colors in it than a rainbow! I'm surprised there isn't a Skittles advertisement or two in here. In fact, I think they should hand out free packs of Skittles as you go into the movie."

"Speed Racer" opens up in a flashback of when Speed was a child in school, where it is made clear that the only thing Speed has on his mind is racing. Back in the present day, Speed has got what he wanted and is quickly becoming one of the most popular racers on the local track.

After winning one of the bigger races of the year and showing some true talent, sponsors from big corporations begin to show up at Speed's door. None of them, however, are able to sway Speed into racing for anything but his father's business: Racer Automotives.

Not even the fame and riches promised from Royalton can convince him.

But when Speed refuses that offer, it appears that things will not end there. In order to force Speed to sign with him, Royalton attempts to leave him with only two options -- sign with Royalton's team or hurt his family.

Speed decides to fight back against Royalton and, with the help of Racer X, attempts to bring him down. This leads them into to the rally races, an underground cross country circuit where rule breaking and illegal weaponry are smiled upon.

The winning team receives an invitation to the biggest race of the year and that's just what Speed and Racer X will need to take down Royalton.

Can they do it? Can they pull it off? Will Speed Racer have what it takes to literally race against all the obstacles and all odds to finally bring down Royalton and expose him for the corrupt corporate villain that he is?

Go see this movie and find out!

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