Birthday Fishing Trip


What do you plan on doing to celebrate your 81st birthday?

My first response was, "I hope I have the opportunity to even contemplate that thought." Well, Bill Cole planned on going fishing after he spent a full day working on his carport.


Rim Country angler Bill Cole celebrated his 81st birthday trout fishing on the East Verde River.

I gave him a call about 4:30 p.m.hich interrupted him as he wasriving the last nail into some siding. Bill said heould be ready in 15 minutes.
I believe most octogenarians after a full day working might have taken a rain check, but not Bill, especially when it comes to trout fishing.

He was ready with rod in hand as I pulled into his driveway a short time later. The short trip to the trout waters made for quick conversation on what kind of lures we should use.

I had a tackle box that had a variety of small Panther Martin spinners that always work well on the local streams.

This evening we used the silver size 0 with a small orange bucktail. The results were immediate as he quickly had his first 10-inch troutiving him healthy fightn anltralight spinning rod.
The fish continued to strike his Panther Martin lure in the reduced light of the late afternoon. That orange bucktail seemed to do the trick when other offerings went untouched.

As we finished the day off and put our tackle away, Bill responded, "that this was really living. There are not many places you canall homend only be a few short minutes from a late afternoon getaway to a trout stream."

He was certainly right, Payson being right in the midst of the Rim Country is an outdoorsman's dream.

If you are a senior citizen, whatever that means,here are a few precautions to take before entertaining one of these short adventures. Wear a good pair of light hiking shoes, always take a walking stick which will help you in the uneven terrain along a creekbank, and let people know where you are going. If you are into the 21st century, bring a cell phone along as well.
Share your fishingrip with a friend and enjoy the Rim Country, God's creation.

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