Dishonored Memorial Day



This morning, myself and several hundred people were at Green Valley Park to honor those who gave the ultimate for their country in times of war and conflict. It is always an occasion which brings back memories of friends who have returned to their maker. The guests, honor guard, cadets, rifle squad, flag bearers and others were there to show respect to heroes of yesterday, today and the future.

It was marred by one person. There was a lady photographer who paraded back and forth to take pictures of this momentous event. I was appalled by her choice of dress.

She happened to be wearing a shirt that was emblazoned with many versions of the "peace symbol." As that might have been appropriate in Berkeley or "Haight Ashbury" in the '60s, it had no place in Payson during today's ceremony.

She must not have any shame in the presence of so many honored veterans. I, myself confronted several Vietnam vet motorcyclists who were disgusted by her choice of garment. Either she is ignorant of what she was wearing or just wanted to slap the face of those who served their country.

If she is a photographer of any Rim Country paper, she should be reminded of her duty to report, not make a political statement as an employee of any local publication.

That symbol may have been a "peace symbol" to those who opposed the war, but it was considered "the footprint of the American chicken" to those who wore the uniforms of this great country. I only hope that she will regret her actions and make amends to all veterans and to those who died preserving her freedom.

All photographers and reporters should wear "press passes" to identify themselves.

David Corrasa
A proud veteran

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