Payson Has Serious Light Pollution Problem



The current National Geographic has an excellent article on light pollution called “The End Of Night: Why We Need Darkness.”

It discusses how light pollution is affecting all of us, and how darkness is as essential to our biological well-being as daylight.

Our vanishing nights not only influence us, but our wild creatures as well. This beautifully written discourse indicates how easy it is to cut the night glare “with full cut off design which illuminates just the ground below.” This type of night lighting is being used in Harmony, Fla. and in Flagstaff, along with other innovations discussed.

Payson has a very serious example of light pollution on the North Ponderosa Circle cul-de-sac.

One occupant has mounted very large, very bright lights on the front of the house which glare at neighbors, stealing their nights and disrupting their sleep patterns.

In Pine, wealthy newcomers build large homes on the canyon walls and light them up brightly, polluting the canyon and stealing the starry night from all of us. In the ’70s and the ’80s, my husband and I could stand in our yard, hold hands, laugh, stand on our toes and reach up and “touch the stars.” Now even the dippers are often difficult to see and “touch.”

Yes, Rim Countryans have serious water problems and a faltering economy that take precedent, but solving the light pollution is easy to do and something we can all do together. Please read the article at the library (don’t miss the editor’s comments and the follow up on page 152) and join me in saving the night, so our children and their children can reach up and touch those stars.

Merri Schall

Pine Creek Canyo


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