School Program Remark Was Degrading



I was taken aback by the comment made by the school board president, Vicki Holmes, regarding her perception of the automotive program at Payson High. I would like to know how she came to this conclusion.

Having had a daughter go through this class and receive excellent instruction in basic auto, she came away feeling confident in her skills and understanding of vehicle maintenance. For Ms. Holmes to refer to the class as a “how-do-you-fix-your-tire class” is a degrading remark toward the program and the teacher who gives his all to his students and to the students who come away from the automotive program knowledgeable in this field.

How many times did Ms. Holmes visit this class and confer with the teacher and/or students to be able to substantiate her remark?

I had obviously been mistaken by thinking that the school board members were supposed to be supportive of the teachers.

Had she concerns regarding this class they should have been addressed privately not publicly.

I’m thinking an apology is in order although the words have been spoken. Everybody now knows where her support lies.

Kim Wholly


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