American Indian Places


“American Indian Places” by Frances H. Kennedy

(Houghton Mifflin, $29.95*)

Reviewed by Larry Cox

Almost every American lives near an Indian ruin or site. A new guide will make the finding of these special places easier and fun.

“American Indian Places” is an all-in-one guide to Native American sites and places featuring informative essays and contributions from leading Indian scholars and tribal members.

Frances Kennedy, who edited and compiled the recent bestselling “Civil War Battlefield Guide,” focuses on Native American sites for her latest guidebook. It lists 366 places that are significant and, best of all, accessible and open to the public.

More than 275 scholars and authorities contributed to this collection. They include such leaders in their field as Patricia L. Crown, professor of anthropology at the University of New Mexico; Jeffrey Dean, an expert in tree-ring and radiocarbon-dating at the University of Arizona; and Glen H. Livermont, chief of visitor services and protection at Pipestone National Monument. Tribal culture committees and historians also had major input.

The sites are divided into five geographic sections determined by the homelands and subsequent movements of the peoples for whom the places are significant. Within each section, the sites are presented in rough chronological order according to the period of their historic importance. The places listed are scattered throughout the country and include both famous and protected sites as well as the lesser-known ones. For example, Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming is featured, in addition to the more obscure Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site just north of Bismarck, N.D.

The blend of historical essays, illustrations and regional maps make this collection indispensable. Whether you’re a historian or just someone interested in our Native American past, this well-executed guide deserves to be in your personal library.

*Royalties from the book are being donated to the National Museum of the American Indian.

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