Election Results

Receiving votes to be counted at the Northern Gila County offices in Payson are from left to right, Joyce Lynch, Pat Walker and Jacque Griffin.


Receiving votes to be counted at the Northern Gila County offices in Payson are from left to right, Joyce Lynch, Pat Walker and Jacque Griffin.


Preliminary Results as of 8 a.m. Thursday

Pine-Strawberry Water District

In the race for the Pine-Strawberry Water District, Tom Weeks, Donald Smith, Therese Schleizer, and Richard Dickinson are ahead with only one of two precincts reporting as of Wednesday afternoon. Five candidates ran for four seats.

The fifth candidate, Sam Schwalm, was behind by 239 votes.

Weeks won the most votes, with 24 percent, or 868 votes. Smith garnered 21.8 percent, or 786 votes, followed by Schleizer with 735 votes and 20.3 percent. Dickenson trailed with 19.9 percent, or 720 votes.

Ballot Measures

99 percent of polls reporting

Prop. 100, Protect our Homes

Yes: 76.9 percent No: 23.1 percent

Prop. 101, Medical Choice for America

Yes: 49.9 percent No: 50.1 percent

Prop. 102, Marriage Amendment

Yes: 56.5 percent No: 43.5 percent

Prop. 105, Majority Rule: Let the People Decide Act

Yes: 34.3 percent No: 65.7 percent

Prop. 200, Payday Loan Reform Act

Yes: 40.5 percent No: 59.5 percent

Prop. 201, Homeowners’ Bill of Rights

Yes: 22.1 percent No: 77.9 percent

Prop. 202, Stop Illegal Hiring

Yes: 40.9 percent No: 59.1 percent

Prop. 300, Legislative Salary Increase

Yes: 35.5 percent No: 64.5 percent

Payson School District Maintenance and Operations Budget Override

100 percent reported

Yes: 47.5 percent No: 52.4 percent


Gila County Supervisor

District 1

100 percent reported

Republican Tommie Martin: 53.4 percent Independent Dan Haapala: 46.5 percent

District 3

100 percent reported

Democrat Shirley Dawson: 49.2 percent Republican David Cook: 44.5 percent Non-partisan Ted Thayer: 6.1 percent

Gila County School Superintendent of Schools

100 percent reported

Democrat Debra Tapia-Blair: 39.7 percent Republican Linda O’Dell: 60.1 percent

Payson School Board

100 percent reported

Richard Meyer Jr.: 21.4 percent Barbara Underwood: 32.6 percent Matt Van Camp: 25.4 percent Buzz Walker: 20.2 percent

State Senate

District 5

100 percent reported

State results: Democrat Bill Jeffers: 45.5 percent Republican Sylvia Allen: 54.5 percent

Gila County results: Jeffers: 48 percent Allen: 51.9 percent

State Representative

District 5

100 percent reported

State results: Republican Barbara Brewer: 30.2 percent, Democrat Jack Brown: 32 percent, Republican Bill Konopnicki: 37.8 percent

Gila County results: Brewer: 29.8 percent Brown: 34 percent Konopnicki: 36 percent

U.S. Congressional Representative

District 1

100 percent reported

State results: Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick: 55.9 percent, Independent Brent Maupin: 3.3 percent, Libertarian Thane Eichenauer: 1.3 percent, Republican Sydney Hay: 39.5 percent

Gila County results: Kirkpatrick: 52.4 percent Maupin: 3.54 percent Eichenauer: 1.2 percent Hay: 42.8 percent

Presidential Results for Arizona

99 percent reporting

State results: Democrat Barack Obama: 45.1 percent, Republican John McCain: 53.7 percent, Green Cynthia McKinney: 0.1 percent, Libertarian Bob Barr: 0.6 percent, and write-ins Jonathan Allen 0, Chuck Baldwin 0, Jay Charles 0, Ralph Nader: 0.5 percent

Gila County results: Obama: 35.5 percent, McCain: 62.5 percent, Barr: 0.68 percent, McKinney: 0.15 percent, Nader: 0.68 percent


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