Baffled Over Ymca, School Override Vote



How can you look yourselves in the mirror knowing you have turned your back on our town’s youth? Maybe Friends of Payson either have no children, or your children are grown up.

Bringing a YMCA to Payson would have cost the town nothing, and would have, in fact, saved the town over $100,000 a year. A quality facility would have been built (by the YMCA) that would have been the property of the town, and leased back to the YMCA.

You touted the local fitness centers would be hurt by the YMCA. Well, youth are not part of the local fitness centers clientele. For the most part, neither are seniors; many of them work out at the college for free. Yes, I know that the YMCA would also have a fitness center for adults as well as youth, and that is where your sole argument lies.

The resources of the YMCA to bring in many more programs far outweighed your sole argument. Programs such as art for senior citizens, affordable child care and after-school care, recreational trips for young and seniors alike, year-round swimming facilities, etc. Oh yeah, more jobs than all three of the local for-profit fitness centers combined provide. Now, we might be looking at the pool not being able to open up in the future due to budget cuts.

But hey, that is OK, I can just take my kids to the pool at Chaparral Pines, no wait, I am not a member, and can’t afford to be one either on a teaching salary.

Friends of Payson touted the cutting down of less than 10 trees for the new facility. Well, how many trees do you think were cut down for the original pool facilities? How many trees were cut down for the parks, ball fields, tennis courts, ramadas, college, etc? The land on which the new facilities were to be built was designated for town use.

Do not get me started on the PUSD override that failed. I am sure many of the Friends of Payson also voted that down as well. Friends of Payson, you are not my friends, or my three children’s friends. You are not friends to young families or the students in our schools.

You want your happy little retirement community, well, you are well on your way to getting it. I just can’t fathom why you would be against saving our town money, receiving state of the art facilities for free, and bringing much-needed youth and senior programs to Payson.

When all the young families start to leave Payson, good luck finding people to work and serve you.

Rich Ormand


Susan Grubbs 8 years, 2 months ago

Well said, Mr. Ormand, and add me to the list of the baffled.

Susan Grubbs


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