Clerk Covers Elderly Lady’S Shortfall



While I was standing at the Dollar Tree store checkout counter (recently), the elderly lady in front of me handed the basket containing the items she had selected to the lady at the cash register, and then also handed her what appeared to me to be a handful of crumpled bills and coins.

When the lady at the cash register determined that the money the customer had given her was not enough to cover the total cost of the items in the basket, she took money from her own pocket to make up the difference that was owed, allowing the elderly customer to happily go on her way, assuming that the money she had tendered had fully covered all her purchases.

Considering how horribly people treat each other day in and day out all around the world, perhaps if it were not for the existence of individuals like that Dollar Tree employee, God would write off and wipe out the human race as a failed experiment.

Otis Trimble


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