Disappointed With No Votes



Thanks to Rich Ormand for saying everything that I was thinking.

I’m so disappointed in our community for the no votes last week. I truly don’t understand a community who is so against progress and growth. People seem very concerned about the loss of park grounds, but has anyone noticed that every piece of unused land in our community is completely overgrown in ugly weeds?

Where is our pride? I am in a position to hear continuous excuses as to why people can’t exercise and get healthy, yet they don’t support a facility that could provide just that. I see a serious drug problem in our community that could be improved if our kids had healthy outlets to put their energy into. What were you all thinking? Without our young families, our community won’t survive.

Without support, our young families won’t stay here. What will it take to get people on board for the betterment of Payson? Or are we going to retire the town with all the people in it?

Karen Evans


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