Taxpayers Want Change In Schools That Will Produce Better Results



The voters chose to end the budget override for the Payson schools.

The schools in the U.S. have shown less and less promising results compared to other nations. Taxpayers want change in the school systems and are not going to fund the same results.

A question for the Payson schools — have you implemented Direct Instruction (DI)? DI is a method by which the teacher reads aloud a preset script and the students respond several times a minute from the same script.

In the late ’60s, Project Follow Through determined that this was the best of 17 teaching methods, but the teachers and the teachers union have fought this method saying it marginalizes the teachers and turns them into little more than robots.

Do the schools exist primarily for the benefit of the students or the teachers?

Across the country, taxpayers are telling the schools to shape up, perform better and then come to us for additional funding. How much could it cost to switch to DI?

It is the proven best practice, but is it being used by the schools in Payson? How about a blue ribbon panel of business and community leaders who would look over the business, operational and financial methods used by the schools? If they came back with a positive report or could report that the schools were implementing positive changes, the taxpayers might be more willing to fund additional taxes for the schools.

I am not singling out Payson’s schools, because these are fair questions to ask across America.

Bill Suphan


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