Sheriff Warns Of New Telephone Scam


An elderly couple in Globe received a frightening call last week when a scammer, posing as their grandson, said he needed bail money.

The Gila County Sheriff’s Office is warning anyone who receives such a call to contact authorities.

“It really is petrifying for these older people,” said bureau commander Claudia Dalmolin.

The caller requests “grandma or grandpa” send bail money to a foreign country so they can be released from jail following a traffic accident.

“They seem to be well rehearsed,” Dalmolin said of the callers. “If they don’t have a grandchild, the plan backfires obviously, but if they do, it could be disastrous.”

The latest caller asked for $3,500 in bail funds. Anyone who suspects a scam can call the Sheriff’s Office at (928) 425-4449.


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