Children Should Have The Best Education



When I found out about the defeat of Proposition 301, I was very disappointed to say the least. It is our responsibility as voters to always do the right thing. I could not believe that 52 percent of voters voted against an increase in budget.

They say that our youth holds the future in their hands. If this is the case, I would have to say the future of Rim Country may be affected by the defeat of this proposition. Arizona ranks among the bottom of the list in education throughout the nation.

I suppose the schools will be expected to cut back on physical education programs, increasing the already high number of obese children. Or perhaps fine arts and music departments should be cut back. Our children don’t need enrichment, right? Students don’t need librarians ... do they? There should only be one foreign language offered at our high school (by the way a foreign language credit is required for students to get into a four-year university).

Whatever happened to fighting for our youth? Don’t we want them all to have the same opportunities we had?

It is true that the want for young families to establish themselves in Payson is among many of us. With housing prices and unemployment rates at the highest they have been in years, the budget cut in our schools will surely help these families in their decision. I surely hope that those of you who voted no on Proposition 301 never have to lean on our youth. You may find that they hold you in the same regard you have held them.

Fighting for our future in Rim Country!

Heather Perry


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