Citizens Group Clarifies Position



On Page 2A in the Tuesday, Nov. 4 edition of the Payson Roundup, reporter Pete Aleshire is quoted as follows:

“The Citizens Awareness Committee reported raising $360 and spending $236 to block the proposed lease of town land for the YMCA. The Citizens Awareness Committee came to prominence in town affairs during the tenure of former mayor, Bob Edwards, mostly supporting his efforts to impose growth limits.”

The CAC did not raise $360 or spend $236 to support opposition to the “Y” proposal. The CAC Steering Committee Board was split on this issue, as was most of the town, so it remained neutral as far as taking a position. The monies that Mr. Aleshire refers to is that used by the CAC to pay for newspaper ads for its bi-weekly meetings.

The CAC did support Bob Edwards on many issues when he was mayor and has every right to do so. The purpose of the Citizens Awareness Committee is to make citizens aware of issues and actions of local government agencies and how it will affect its citizenry. Then, let the citizens decide.

The mere statement that CAC supported Mayor Edwards’ efforts to impose growth limits is incomplete. The CAC supports “managed growth,” namely that population growth should not be allowed to outstrip the town’s infrastructure, i.e. water supply, roads, parks and recreation facilities, sewer facilities, etc. In addition, the needed infrastructure facilities due to growth should be paid for mainly by impact fees imposed on new construction and new residents, not on residents already living here.

The CAC will accept as a compliment the comment that the CAC has come to prominence in town affairs.

In the future, we sincerely request that Mr. Aleshire check his facts with the CAC Steering Committee co-chairs, Bill Michaelis or Jim Hippel before going to press on the CAC.

Jim Hippel

Citizens Awareness Committee Board

Editor’s Note: A correction to the expenditure of money was published on page 11A in the Nov. 11 edition of the Roundup after the error was brought to our attention.


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