Keep Your Dollars In Payson



Between now and Dec. 31 you have the opportunity to have a direct say in how some of your Arizona state tax dollars are spent and keep the benefits of those tax dollars here in the local community.

In these challenging economic times, we all think twice about how we spend, where our money goes, and what benefits we receive in return. Nonprofit and charitable organizations can be especially hard hit because we may not see an immediate return on our investment. When, in fact, these organizations can have one of the greatest positive impacts in minimizing the negative effects of our current situation and help us recover faster and stronger.

You can help one of our local organizations, Habitat for Humanity, with a Charitable Tax Credit. A Charitable Tax Credit will keep part of your Arizona income tax dollars here in the local community to help provide affordable housing for our lower income families. These families supply a valuable portion of our work force. Without them, we would not have many of the amenities and services that we have come to expect and enjoy.

I encourage you to talk to your tax professional about a Charitable Tax Credit to Habitat for Humanity this year. This credit will not cost you. It simply allows you to have direct control over some of your state tax dollars to be spent and benefit your local community.

Michael Hughes


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