Participatory Democracy Denigrated On Opinion Pages



Never in my life have I seen participatory democracy so denigrated. Recent editorials, guest comments, articles and letters to the editor seem to imply that a core group of voters have “turn(ed) its back on its kids.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Since when does a turnout of 66 percent in 2008 of registered voters vis-à-vis a turnout of 31 percent in 2004 constitute a “defeat” of the will of the people?

More votes were cast in the “No Y in the Park” controversy than were cast in the recent mayoral election. Why? With all due respect, how can the mayor say, “Payson probably can’t afford to open the pool next summer,” yet, in the same breath, lean toward spending $520,000 of taxpayer money for airport land by stating “It’s my hope we’ll still be able to go forward” with the purchase.

Soon, we will be asked to support the “Credit for Kids” program. I hope you will join me in contributing to our kids!

John G. Wakelin


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