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Lil' Bear



The animals featured in this week’s column are some of our precious babies.

Most of them have been here since August, and aren’t nearly as small as they were when they got here. When they arrived at the shelter, they were barely old enough to be away from their mothers.

There were four different litters that came to us at just about the same time. Most of them have been adopted, but there is at least one pup left from each litter. The others have trickled in to us like a sad little ragtag band of warriors, having survived abandonment in one form or another.

Butters was sitting on the side of the highway, just barely off the road 200 miles east of town. She was picked up and brought to us by a compassionate passerby. She was gravely ill, and tired. She was tested for giardia and parvo and was found to be negative for both. When she got to the vet, they found her belly was full of rocks. This is why we are listing Butters as one of our special needs pups. She thinks she’s a goat, and will need a lot of monitoring to make sure she doesn’t eat things she’s not supposed to.

Lil’ Bear is another with a slight special need — he has growth plate abnormalities in his left front leg, which leaves him looking a little pigeon-toed. He doesn’t notice at all, and neither do his playmates.

The other puppies are just plane ol’ precious fun-loving, kind-hearted sweet kids who need to know what it is to have a home out of the shelter environment. We love them; we teach them that people can be kind and loving, but they need homes — loving, forever homes.

There is still a special price of $35 for these puppies to qualified adopters with a home visit. To meet them come to 812 S. McLane Road, call (928) 474-5590 or look us up on the Web at www.paysonhumanesociety.com.


Butters is a 4-month-old Pit Bull Terrier pup. She was found 200 miles away, and brought to us by a kind citizen. She is special needs due to her appetite. As said before, she will basically eat anything, and this can cause her to have an upset stomach. She is partially potty trained and does well on a leash. She is dog friendly and people friendly. She is very loving and in need of a forever home. If you are interested, please come by and meet Butters.


Andy is also a 4-month-old Bull Terrier pup. He came to us at only 8 weeks old. We have watched him grow, and watched his sister go home. He has gone through his trials of giardia, and is healthy and ready to go home. He could use some training so he can learn basic commands and to get potty trained. He is very smart and should learn quickly. He is very active and affectionate. He needs a family who will take him for walks and on hikes. He will make a wonderful companion. Please come by and meet Andy today.


Soldier is the remaining pup from a litter of five. His siblings and his mother have all been adopted. For some reason, he still sits here, awaiting his forever home. He is very sweet, well mannered and affectionate. Plus, he has the cutest pair of ears you’ve ever seen! This adorable little guy hopes that you will come meet him, fall in love and take him home with you. If you are that person, please come by and make his day. He truly deserves that!


Deuce is a 4-month-old Shepherd/Chow mix. He got his name because he acts just like another one of our dogs. He is somewhat shy and a little scared. He definitely needs a family who will make him feel loved and safe. He needs a secure, affectionate environment, and someone who will be patient and work with him. He has the cutest face and one floppy ear and one that stands straight up. How cute is that?! If you have a safe home and are willing to take some time to teach him and nurture him, please come by and let him know you care.


Lil’ Bear is our other special needs dog. As stated before, he has a bone growth issue. This does not stop him from being the typical, playful puppy. He too is sweet, outgoing and eager to show you love and affection. He was turned over by his owners, along with his sister Zena. Zena was fortunate enough to find her forever home. Now Lil’ Bear is relying on you to help him find his forever home. Maybe you’re the right one for him?


Precious came in with a litter of five from Bear Flats. Like the other pups featured, her siblings all found homes. She was adopted, but was returned because her owner could no longer care for her. She is well mannered, outgoing and eager to please. She would make a great walking or hiking companion, or a wonderful family dog. She is good with other dogs and is partially housebroken. Please come meet Precious. She deserves a wonderful, forever home, just like her siblings all received. Please come by and see how precious she truly is.


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