Reader Takes Issue With Nov 7 Editorials



Come on now editorial writer. Friday’s editorial was uncalled for. Indeed, it was a shot in the dark. Most of the residents who voted against the YMCA were not against the “Y.”

They just did not want it in our town park or in a residential area. I have nothing against the “Y,” but I voted against it.

Another part of that editorial page was bad-mouthing the residents of Payson for not showing up for the Veterans Day activities last year. I used to show up ... when it was in the evening. Because of that change, I will not be there this Veterans Day, in the morning. If it were at 7 p.m. in the evening, I would be there. I am a veteran, my wife is a veteran, and we joined the USAF when it was called the Army Air Corps and remained in the Air Force when the Korean War started. One of our sons was in the USAF. Our daughter was in the USAF and later worked for the Department of Defense, Air Force Intelligence in Germany. My sister’s late husband was on Korea’s front line when the Chinese entered the war. We are proud of our service record.

Do not belittle us for not being able to be there at a morning ceremony.

Dave Engleman


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