Archers Brave Wind, Cold For Shoot


A band of 35 dedicated archers braved cold and windy conditions Nov. 9 to compete in the second 3D Archery Shoot ever held at Tonto Rim Sports Club.

In the field were 24 adults and 11 children who battled throughout the day in age and bow-type divisions for honors and prizes.

Event host Les Conner said he expected more archers to show up, 45 were present at the first shoot held in August, but because many of them are also hunters, they could have been in the field on a hunt.

Tom Gonzalez shined in the competition taking first in the Men Compound Bow Open and winning the Clout Shoot by hitting a bull’s-eye from 98 yards away.

“That’s a great shot,” Conner said.

In the Men’s Compound Release division, Steve Iverson was first, Chris Wolf second and Joseph Lopez third.

Ken Krump took the Men’s Traditional honors, out-dueling runner-up Smokey Slaughter. David Charron and Drew Justice tied for third.

Crystal Slaughter shot her way to the gold in Women’s Compound Release action. Rachel Brundage was second.

Blake Iverson took the Youth Boys Compound Release title.

In Cub Boys Compound Release shooting, John Hughes was first.

Cub Girls Compound Release action was fast and furious with Karmyn Randall, Rachel Ralls and Abby Greenleaf battling for laurels.

Randall eventually took first, Ralls second and Greenleaf third. In Cub Girls Compound Fingers, Greenleaf was first.

Dylan Just took the Cub Boys Traditional championship.

In 3D competition, archers walked the new archery course at the shooting range firing arrows at McKenzie life-sized, foam, three-dimensional targets.

The targets were of bear, deer, mountain lion and other wild animals.

“There was 14 targets and they were shot at twice from different distances, making 28 targets,” Conner said. “We all had a great time.”

Conner also said he wished to thank Dan Frost at Bootleg Archery for his donation of the raffle prize.


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