Refuse To Be Price-Gouged By Payson Gas Stations



I would like to expand on the recent letter regarding Payson gas prices.

About a month ago I was in Show Low and the gas prices there were approximately 30 cents below those in Payson. Ditto Clints Well on the Rim about two weeks ago. As the previous writer pointed out, Phoenix prices are 30-plus cents cheaper than here, as well as cheaper prices in Pine. Also note that all stations in Payson with one exception (higher price) are within one or two cents of each other and they move in lockstep.

Price fixing? It certainly appears that may be the case and last I heard, that is illegal, maybe the state attorney general needs to get involved.

We are being raped on gas prices here. My solution, only add enough gas in the tank to get by, maybe five gallons at a time, until going to anyplace outside of Payson. I refuse to give these price gougers any more of my business than absolutely necessary. I hope many others follow this advice.

By the way, I have a motor home with a large tank and I guarantee there will be no Payson gas ever used in that vehicle.

Don Hocker


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