Volunteer Aide Auditorium Manager Loves The Theater



Andy Towle/Roundup

Thomas W. Walling

Name: Thomas W. Walling

School and volunteer duties: Payson High School — volunteer theater aide/auditorium manager.

College degree and major: Currently working on a degree.

Years volunteering: Six years working close with Kathy and John Siler, helping the program continue and grow.

Why do you volunteer? I volunteer in the theater class because I have a passion for theater, and being able to show other students how important theater arts are in our lives.

Personal motto/words of wisdom: “Act well your part, there all the honor lies.” This is the thespian motto. And I love it because it is just not for theater, it is also for everyday life. It does not matter how important your job may be, you still should do that job to best of your abilities.

Family: Single and loving it!

Pet Peeve: Gum chewers and gum chewers who pop their gum while chewing it. And another one is people who text and play with their cell phones while watching a play. It won’t kill them to turn them off for two hours.

Person in history you would like to meet and why: Well I would like to meet a lot of people in history, but I would really like to meet Frank Lloyd Wright, because I would want him to design Payson High School a new theater like Gammage Auditorium in Tempe.

Why Payson? Well, I moved to Payson in 1989 and I was lucky enough to go through all the grades in Payson from first to 12th. And I just love the small-town feel.

What was your favorite subject in school and why? It was theater and I also loved my history class that I had at Payson High School. Those teachers were very good and I have always had a passion for history.

Who was your favorite teacher and why? In elementary school it had to be Mrs. Hale, my second-grade teacher. She was always there for me, and she always had a smile on her face — even when we made her do a cartwheel for the whole class. And in high school it would have to be the Silers, because they have also always been there for me and anyone else that needed help. The theater program that they have established here in Payson has become known all over the state.

What was your favorite year in school and why? It would have to be my senior year, because I was pretty much done with all the credits I needed so I could focus much of my attention to the production class.


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