Families Will Be Moving Into Habitat Homes In December



In mid-December, four families in the Payson area will be moving into their new homes in Longhorn Village built by Payson Area Habitat for Humanity. The homes are being built by a team of wonderful volunteers from the Payson area with the support of  a number of sponsoring companies. Two of the companies that have been there to help Payson Area Habitat for Humanity since the very beginning of the construction process are Payson Concrete and Road Runner Rubbish Removal. We would like to thank both George Randall and Chris Avakian for their ongoing support.

Many in Payson ask how they can support Payson Area Habitat for Humanity, since they do not have the time or are not physically able to help in the construction process. There is a very simple and helpful way that also allows the individual to take advantage of their generosity through a tax credit. While none of us really enjoy paying taxes, the Arizona State Legislature has provided us with a unique opportunity to do something with our tax dollars that very few other states allow. As residents of Arizona, we can actually determine where some of the state income taxes that we pay will be spent, rather than simply sending payments to Phoenix and having our government officials decide how they will be spent. And the best part is, that we can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against our state income tax for qualifying donations.

The two programs that qualify for this advantage in Payson are the Payson Schools Credit for Kids Program and the Payson Area Habitat for Humanity Charitable Tax Credit Program. Both programs are very worthwhile and I encourage you to consider making a donation to both organizations. The good news is, that Arizona tax laws allow you to contribute to both and take advantage of both qualifying contributions.

In the current market and housing conditions, just imagine how difficult it is for low to moderate income families to enter into home ownership You can certainly help these families become proud homeowners while actually directing how some of the tax dollars that you pay will be spent and remain in the Payson area. Please look for the Payson Area Habitat for Humanity contribution form in today’s paper, discuss the tax credit with your tax adviser and help us provide decent, affordable and healthy housing for low to moderate income Payson residents. We thank you for your support.

Ivon English


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