How To Make America Honest



First of all, limit all Congress members’ terms, this would go along with the term limits of the presidents. Limit the Senate to two terms of six years each. Limit the House to four two-year terms each.

Next, all voters would be required to show proof of citizenship and/or a birth certificate and correct address, one that does not include cemeteries or vacant lots. Prosecute voter fraud to the fullest extent of the law.

Limit earmarks to no more than $10,000 per politician. No more funding of the ACORN-type of organizations.

The U.S. government to fund all presidential candidates to $100 to $200 million each. No outside funding of any kind.

The problem here is that none of the above would be beneficial to those greedy and inept politicians who believe they come first, not the country.

Limiting the amount of funds for presidential candidates levels the playing field and prevents the buying of the election.

Edwin Wedge


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