Acknowledgement Of Dedication, Effort Appreciated



Last week I attended two high school sports banquets with my son, who is a senior this year.

One sport is his passion. The other is his pastime, just to help keep him in condition for his passion. The pastime banquet was first and hosted by a coach who commented about the strengths and positive attributes of all his athletes. The passion banquet was hosted by a coach who began by stating that he was not going to comment about any of his athletes, but then commented about the attributes of five of his athletes.

The pastime coach applauded the efforts and accomplishments of my son, even though he knew his dedication and commitment truly belonged to his passion sport.

The passion coach handed him a certificate with not so much as a thank you for his dedication and commitment. The pastime coach showed through his actions that recognition and encouragement of one’s efforts, great or small, are indeed important to instill in these young athletes a positive direction in order to continue the pursuit of their goals.

The passion coach showed through his actions that it doesn’t really matter how great your efforts, commitment and dedication, recognition and encouragement are important only to the chosen few.

Had this non-recognition of skill, knowledge and dedication been known to my son prior to season’s beginning, I wonder if his pastime would possibly have become his passion.

I applaud you, Coach Harvey, for your time and commitment to our youth. You exemplify the characteristics of an excellent coach and understand how to recognize and encourage efforts put forth by your athletes.

Kim Wholly


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