Group Will Continue To Provide Summaries Of Pswid Meetings



At the September PSWID meeting, Fred Krafczyk stood up and claimed that the November election was going to cost the PSWID $27,000 and that the only reason I was running for the board was as part of a plot with Brooke Utilities to drain the PSWID treasury of funds.

The Gila County Elections department expects the actual cost to be $1,500. It is clear to anyone that I did not run as part of some plot.

Mr. Krafczyk, in his Nov. 14 letter to the editor, gives the impression that we are getting something for $1 that would have otherwise cost $300,000. For $300,000 we would have gotten a well, not just the right to look at a well. Now it appears that the $300,000 will instead be spent on legal fees for the breach of contract.

We think that given a choice, it makes more sense to end up with a well than a wealthy lawyer. Mr. Krafczyk’s plan costs $5.3 million right away and another $5 million over the next few years. We think spending $5.3 million instead of $300,000, to solve the same problem, doesn’t make sense. Of that money, it is likely that $750,000 will be needed to purchase and hook up the Milk Ranch Well. With K2, water users in Pine were going to pay for the cost of fixing Pine’s water problems. By including Strawberry Water Company in the purchase, Strawberry water users will also be paying to fix Pine’s water problems.

The community has now voted twice for the direction that the board is taking. We have not opposed the purchase since the recall election. Our concerns are with the actions that the board has taken which increase the financial risk to the community and the risk of ending up with no solution at all.

These concerns include:

Taking immediate possession would lock the community into an unknown price.

Not doing the planning necessary before committing millions of dollars.

Not being straightforward with the public on the costs.

The bad deal that Strawberry gets by being included.

These are all legitimate concerns about the expenditure of our money and the structure of our water future.

Mr. Krafczyk and Ray Pugel have been aggressively trying to silence any discussion of how the board is implementing their plans. Despite their challenges, we will continue to provide summaries of the PSWID meetings, our assessment of the board’s actions, review of the accuracy of information, and providing documents to the public. If you would like to see what we are about, please visit us at

Sam Schwalm

Water For Pine Strawberry


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