To Those Who Travel The Beeline



The economy is down both in the county and the state as we all know.

On my way back from Phoenix yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the new revenue-raising techniques being employed on the Beeline by these entities:

At the beginning of the 55 mph speed limit going down Slate Creek Hill, DPS had a truck pulled over. Coming out the other end there was a DPS car hidden in the thick bushes running radar. Then just south of Deer Creek, there was another DPS vehicle running  radar and an unmarked DPS vehicle stopped with an officer writing a ticket. That is four, count ’em, DPS vehicles in a 10-mile (stretch), all very busy “protecting” us.

It gets better, Just south of Round Valley, a Gila County K9 unit was running radar (still on the Beeline) and pulled the car in front of me over ... good use for the high-priced and highly touted K9 team.

Just want to point out to the good people of Payson how our public servants are taking care of us during these hard times. Slow down and save your money ... your taxes are not enough.

Ted Paulk


Ronald Hamric 8 years, 1 month ago

To those who travel the Beeline-Ted Paulk

It might surprise Mr. Paulk to learn that if one merely drives within the posted speed limits on all the roads and highways, they would not be contributing one cent toward fine pool. It really is so simple a caveman could figure it out.


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