Man Changes Plea, Pleads Guilty To Aggravated Assault Charges


A 24-year-old man who brandished a 9mm handgun and threatened five individuals on Sept. 8, 2007 changed his plea to guilty of aggravated assault Monday in the Gila County Superior Court in Payson.

According to police, on the morning of Sept. 8, Waylon Paul Quotskuyva threatened five people, including his girlfriend, in a home near East Phoenix Street after demanding the return of his car keys.

Witnesses say they saw Quotskuyva hold his girlfriend up against the wall during the argument and when the homeowner’s boyfriend stepped in and told Quotskuyva to leave, Quotskuyva and the boyfriend got into an altercation outside on the front steps.

Quotskuyva pulled a gun out of his waistband, pointed it at everyone and struck the boyfriend in the head with the pistol.

Police said the injury was not life-threatening, and the man was taken to Payson Regional Medical Center for treatment and later released.

Quotskuyva left the scene with a friend in a maroon pickup and headed to East Frontier Street and South Manzanita where Quotskuyva partially buried the gun in soil.

Police caught up with the truck near the Tonto Apache Reservation and Highway 87 where the driver and Quotskuyva were taken into custody for questioning.

The driver of the truck told police he did not see anything happen at the Phoenix Street residence, but said there might have been a “lovers’ quarrel,” between Quotskuyva and his girlfriend.

The man said when he picked up Quotskuyva from the Ox Bow Bar earlier in the day, Quotskuyva was intoxicated. From the bar, they went to see the girlfriend to pickup the man’s keys to his truck, which is when the incident began.

Quotskuyva was originally booked into the Gila County jail on five counts of aggravated assault with a weapon.

He was also charged with one count of misconduct involving a weapon by a prohibited possessor, because he is a convicted felon.

Quotskuyva originally pleaded not guilty, but Monday changed his plea to guilty of a class three-felony of aggravated assault.

Sentencing is set for at 9 a.m., Jan. 12 with Judge Peter Cahill of the Gila County Superior Court in Payson.

Quotskuyva faces up to five years probation, one year in jail and restitution fees.


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