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The FAN Club would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the people who bought 50/50 and couch tickets, and who helped sell 50/50 tickets at all of the Payson High School home games.

It all started with Bonnie Neal walking through the crowd with her great smile, and asking spectators if they wanted to buy a ticket and Jean Walker helping at the table. We were off and running and never looked back. We even recruited people who moved from Payson such as Lori Shewey and Vern Havens during the homecoming game. Rory Huff, who never passed the ticket gate, caught people as they came in.

Then there was the Janelle and Jose Figueroa team of Dale and Megan Strumke, Ryan and Hanna Peters. Bobbette and Teddy Tomerlin, along with Charlie and Erin England and Windy Jones, helped during the RV game.

At our last home game Dawn Morris and John Wakelin did a fantastic job working the crowd. We couldn’t have done it without all of you, and most of all our constant team players who helped me set up, count the money and offered their support. They are Jo-Ann Moser and Susie Johnson, along with Tim Doherty. Tim was our main seller on the visitors’ side.

At the Round Valley game, the winner was on the visiting side. The rest of the winners were all on the Payson side. The most interesting thing that happened was we had two winners that won our 50/50 twice. What are the odds of that? Just to let everybody know, the people in the press box drew the winning tickets.

We would also like to thank Ken Perkins who made the announcements about the FAN Club, and reminded people to buy the 50/50 and couch tickets during the games. The FAN Club who sponsored 50/50, split, and has collected to date $3,340.

We would also like to thank the winners that donated their winnings back to the FAN Club, JC, Reece Randall and Lorraine Keel. The FAN Club is going to go ahead and advance the remainder of the money to purchase the scoring table for the dome and it should be in no later than January.

With this in mind, we are still going to continue the 50/50 during the girls and boys basketball games. The couch collected $235 that will be donated to the junior class. We hope to continue this during our next football season.

Thank you all for supporting the FAN Club by purchasing 50/50 tickets, which made it possible to purchase the scoring table. We will be looking at other areas that the FAN Club can help the schools by fund-raising.

Again, if you are interested in coming to our meetings, they are at 6:30 p.m., the second Wednesday of each month at Pioneer Title.

Eileen Daniels


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