What’S In A Slogan?

Council meeting includes plan to adopt new slogan: ‘A Cool Mountain Town’


So it’s a official: We really, really, really love ponderosa pines.

It’s the town tree, no less — providing the Town Council approved that proposal on Thursday evening.

But how about the slogan?

Never mind the present: “A Mountain Town with a Western Heritage.”

That’s so, like, last year.

How about: “A Cool Mountain Town?”

Has a ring — little double play on “cool.”

And 31 percent of the folks taking a nonscientific Web site poll favored that, with 27 percent voting for the kind of clunky “Outdoor Recreation,” and another 15 percent voting for the “Gateway to the Mogollon Rim.”

Tune in Thursday for the latest in Payson’s identity crisis, when the council will consider Tourism and Economic Vitality Director Cameron Davis’ recommendation that the town dump the whole western heritage slogan and go with sheer coolness.

And if that’s not enough for one council agenda, the evening will include a host of other interesting debates. Issues slated for discussion and decision include:

— An ordinance that would make some changes in the town’s impact fees — mostly for water hookups. The changes would set down rules for reducing fees for apartments and condos and perhaps let the town spread payments out over 10 years instead of five.

— Several emergency ordinances to clear the way for a mail-in election on whether the town should lease five acres of land to the YMCA for a gym and pool complex in Rumsey Park.

— Approval of a final site plan for the Rim Ridge Estates subdivision.

— A discussion of the extension of a contract between Payson and the Humane Society to continue payments for the handling of stray dogs and cats.

— A proposal to take the first steps in doing an environmental assessment of the town’s plan to buy 13.5 acres of land next to the airport, which was part of the recently completed land swap with the Forest Service.


Pat Randall 8 years, 3 months ago

Leave the slogan alone. Payson was doing fine until a lot of people started moving here because they liked it the way it was and now all they can think of to do in thier spare time is change everything.


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