The Acc Hearing And Pswid Board



If you attended the recent ACC hearing in Phoenix, you may have been led to believe three things: the PSWID Board has accomplished little or nothing since the recall election, the purchase of the water companies was not being addressed, and that community financing was not a viable option. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Brooke’s counsel attempted to infer that “the PSWID Board had done nothing for six months, and that “no negotiations involving the purchase of the water companies were under way.” Obviously not true! Negotiation results were discussed in open meetings. They also monitor the PSWID Web site minutes!

No negotiations were taking place? Ridiculous! The board openly discussed the offer and the amount. Counsel went on to infer that the financing would be unlikely to happen. Why? This is municipal financing and has different criteria.

Approximately 40 Pine/Strawberry landowners were in attendance and loudly stated their disagreement with the comments between Brooke counsel and the commissioners and those of recalled board member Forrest McCoy. Fortunately, some of the major items leading to the recall resurfaced because of these exchanges.

The (alleged) conflicts of interest, timing of and the transfer of real estate between BUI and a board member, and withholding public information affecting the K-2 project all generated obvious concern of the commissioners. The commissioners then had a brief Q & A with BUI counsel and Mr. Hardcastle. Mr. Hardcastle could not provide a production date for water, as expected. Chairman Gleason voted to approve the encumbrance, Commissioners Mayes, Pierce and Mundell voted no. This 3 to 1 vote will hopefully end BUI’s stalling.

What happened? The ACC still does not have the “full story” of the K-2 project and all of its attendant problems, failures and questions. Brooke Utilities will again be in the spotlight of the ACC. The PSWID Board and the communities of Pine/Strawberry will have until early December 2008, to resolve the purchase of the water companies.

What do we do now? We continue our support of the PSWID Board. We attend PSWID meetings. We continue to speak with our friends and neighbors that have not been fully involved. Continue communications to the ACC commissioners. The majority of the Pine/Strawberry communities voted for this purchase to take place. We want and need the control of our resources. Community is UNITY at work.

Fred B. Krafczyk


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