Payson School District Budget Override Needed



We are being asked by the Payson Unified School District for approval to continue the 10 percent budget override to fund needed programs within the District.  I fully support this effort.  This override would continue funding for programs currently serving District students.  These programs include maintaining small class size and student/teacher ratios, music programs for K-8, certified librarians for K-12, physical education teachers for K-6, school nurses, elective and fine arts classes, and computer lab aides for K-6.

We are currently paying for the previously passed override and this election will allow the same tax amount to be collected.  There is not an increase in the money being collected.  Most of us are products of the nation’s public education system.  This system is funded by all taxpayers, whether we currently have children in the system or not.  I believe we all have a responsibility to ensure the children in our community have the same opportunity for a good education.

Those of us who attended public schools in the 1950’s through the 1970’s will remember taking physical education, art classes, or visiting the library to get help in writing a research paper.  We took that for granted.  We can probably recall some students from our high school graduating class who benefited from these classes as they entered the workforce.  They may have become graphic artists who developed marketing campaigns or computer-based educational tools.  Or maybe they joined a music ensemble or symphony orchestra.

This special election is important for the youth of our community.  The wording on the ballot may be misleading.  To support the override, a “yes” vote is needed to retain the current tax status, even though it is listed as a budget increase.  Please join me in voting “Yes” for the budget increase on Tuesday, November 4.

Robert Henley


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