Vote Yes On Proposition 100



Please vote yes on Proposition 100 — The Protect Our Homes Initiative because double taxation is wrong.

A real estate transfer tax is a tax that a state or local government charges when a person buys, sells or transfers their home, land or commercial real estate. Arizonans already pay high property taxes and closing costs, and a yes vote on Prop. 100 will prevent yet another cost that a possible real estate transfer tax would add.

The initiative would save homeowners from the huge and unfair burden such a tax would impose in addition to stopping the government from taking a significant slice of the home equity they have worked hard to build.

Voting yes on Prop. 100 will stop real estate transfer taxes before it can negatively impact the already slow housing market, and before it can make it more difficult for people to buy and sell their homes, especially for Arizonans with low or fixed incomes.

Vote yes on Prop. 100 to protect our homes.

Cliff Potts


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