Y Should Not Be Given Town Land



I am not particularly for or against the YMCA in Payson. However, I am against giving the Y over five acres of our precious park land for next to nothing in return. I don’t understand why it is okay for them but not for other non profits in our town.

Heck, if it is a matter of money, I am looking at a stack of four color, full page ads the Y has run in our local newspapers, and another stack of beautiful four color, heavy stock mailers that have been sent to every home in Payson.

The cost of all this plus whatever they spent bringing suit to stop the citizens’ right to vote could have paid for any one of a number of parcels that are currently available in the town. So, I would urge the Citizens of Payson to vote no on Proposition 401, to keep the town from giving the five plus acres to the Y.

Remember the Oklahoma land rush? Thousands of people lined up on the eastern border of Oklahoma on horses, in wagons, on bikes and on foot.

When the gun went off, they all took off across the prairie to stake their free claim.

They traveled for miles looking for the perfect piece of land. All except for one lady. She watched the mayhem, and, when the dust subsided, she calmly walked ten feet across the border and pounded her stick into the prairie, laying claim to everything she could see. She had a feeling about that land. Jed would have said, Black Gold, Texas Tea. This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but

I love the story.

Vote no on Proposition 401. Let ‘em find their own land, not ours.

Thanks much.

Roy Bergold


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