Your Vote Is A Sword, The Sword Of Choice



As I listened to the pledge of allegiance I wondered why we have a politician running for the highest office in this country that will not recite our pledge of allegiance nor will this person show reverence for our flag and turns there backside to our flag and slouches.

To me this is something that shows no patriotism and no love for what hundreds of people have given their lives for, freedom and what this country and this flag stand for.

Have we as Americans, all Americans (there are no hyphens in Americans), just Americans, forgotten our pledges for 200-plus years to keep this country free?

We have been attacked in more ways than just Sept. 11. We are attacked every day for our beliefs, not just in God, but in freedom, life and liberty. Do we just stand still and allow this to happen? Yes, if we do not voice our freedoms and choose carefully who is going to run our country.

Please remember our rights; one of them is to be able to vote.

There are 10 Bill of Rights, we should all read them and be thankful for the men that wrote them and fought for them. As it stands now, politicians are trying to take these rights away from us, especially our right to bear arms and to defend ourselves.

Can you imagine if this country was attacked and we had no way to protect our loved ones? Guess what? The next Bill of Rights to be taken away will be our right to free speech or freedom of the press. Be aware, read everything that you can and vote.

Remember that your vote is a sword, the sword of choice. It is your right as an American.

Joni Howard


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