Ymca, Y?



Y would the Payson Town Council give away valuable park property to private enterprise? Y would the Payson Town Council not consider the same benefit for essential nonprofit services like the Humane Society and the Senior Center? These organizations are already providing valuable service to Payson citizens. They need new facilities also. Y would the Payson Town Council provide financial support through a below-market lease to the proposed YMCA? Y would they do this when this is in conflict with current taxpaying businesses already serving Payson citizens? Y does the town council want to subsidize an organization that will compete with our own parks and recreation department? Y doesn’t Mayor Kenny Evans and the town council listen to the citizens? Well I guess they did after over 1,500 citizens signed a petition! Only then did they put up a fight in court, but it was the citizen-funded lawsuit that won in Superior Court, not the town’s. Thank you Vicky Lucas for leading that fight. Incidentally this personally cost her a lot of money. We gave a sizeable donation. How about more people helping her out? Send your contribution to Vicky Lucas, 923 W. Longhorn, Payson, AZ 85541.

Vote no on the ballot for the YMCA give away. You are going to be bombarded with publicity from that billion dollar company. They have the big bucks to throw at you. If they used all that money, and the legal money, to buy their own property we wouldn’t have this problem. They used to be a Christian nonprofit organization with real benefits for the populace. Now they are just another big corporation that happens to hide their profits under the nonprofit label.

I’ve gone to several Ys in different states. I never joined. I never saw programs that provided value to me and I consistently found them expensive. I’m not against the YMCA. I’m against the give away. I’m against the creation of an unequal business climate versus our existing health clubs. You should be also. The YMCA needs to purchase their own property at fair market value and compete in the open market. I will welcome the YMCA when they play by the same rules.

Don’t fall for the advertising and propaganda. Vote no on the YMCA give away.

Gary J. Bedsworth, Payson


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