Star Valley Discussing Water At Next Meeting

Task force has not completed its work


The Star Valley Town Council will discuss this Tuesday its ongoing water issues and a water task force that has failed to complete any of the tasks it was assigned.

Mayor Chuck Heron said the 12-member Town of Star Valley Water Task Force Committee was established in September 2007, to accomplish six tasks, none of which it has completed.

These include monitoring the 15 wells within town limits, working with neighboring communities to establish a long-term water solution for the area, providing recommendations to the council and developing and distributing surface water from all sources.

“They met one time and none of the tasks have been done,” Heron said.

The task force includes two residents who own their wells, one who does not, two council members and a representative from the Arizona Department of Water Resources, Central Arizona Project, Forest Service, Tonto Apache Tribe, Gila County, town of Payson and Brooke Utilities.

Heron said he would like to restructure the task force or eliminate it and create a new one.

The council will also discuss its current water issues and whether it plans to go further with its attempt to acquire the Payson Water Company.

On Aug. 5, the council approved a resolution that allowed the town’s water attorney Marvin Cohen to file for immediate possession of the water company.

A Sept. 3 vote reversed that decision and put a halt to a two-year battle by the town to purchase the water company. The town had originally offered Brooke Utilities $475,000 for the water company, this offer was rejected by Brooke.

Heron said the Cohen would be attending an Oct. 21 council meeting where voters and council members could speak with Cohen on their concerns.

“We want him to talk to the town and the council as a whole, Heron said, and explain where we are going with water, because Brooke is still on the table.”

The council could also approve the reappointment of three members to the Planning and Zoning Commission, two on the Streets and Roads Commission and adding a seventh member to the Streets and Roads Commission. The council meets at 6:30 p.m. at the Star Valley Baptist Church, 4180 E. Highway 260.


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