Vote For Sylvia Allen



An organization called “American for Prosperity” keeps a running record of all votes, that deal with economic issues by members of the Arizona House and Senate.

These votes are then scored on a system that favorably views votes for less spending and lower taxes, and has a negative reaction to votes for higher taxes and higher spending. Representative Trish Groe from Legislative District 3 had the highest score of anyone in the Arizona Legislature, this past term with a 99. The average of all Republican members of both the House and Senate last term, was 70.3. The average of all Democrats was 8.9.

Most importantly our new Senator, Sylvia Allen, had a score of 98 during her initial term. With the State already facing a financial crisis, under the current budget, and even more financial trouble expected for next session, we would be well advised to keep a true fiscal conservative in Phoenix, representing us in District 5.

To protect your pocketbook, vote for Senator Sylvia Allen.

Dan Adams


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