Let The Sun Shine



Its time for Payson to take its rightful place in the sun … literally, in the sun. With an estimated 300 days of sun in Payson, we could lead the State in a campaign to: reduce our dependency on petroleum products, as well as, minimize the effects of global warming and save money while doing it.

We installed a solar photovoltaic system and to date we account for more than 36,000 pounds of greenhouse gases saved from entering the atmosphere, and we have sold 66 percent of the power we generate back to APS. Our monthly electric bill has never exceeded $10 since we opted to take advantage of the net billing program offered by APS.

We should take advantage of the solar opportunities and incorporate them in the new Julia Randall School, the addition to our library and the proposed Payson Humane Society facility. We should use this opportunity to show the rest of Arizona that we are living up to our responsibility to become less dependent on traditional energy sources while doing our part to reduce greenhouse gasses.

APS has a program available whereby they will pay for a significant part of the costs (50 percent) and they have programs through their contractors to help finance the balance. Best of all is the fact that we can sell all the excess power we generate back to APS. And lastly, we would all be doing our part to protect the environment.

The time has never been better for Payson to shine. Let’s Go Green.

Alan Kline


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