Purchasing Water Companies Is A Bad Deal For Strawberry



The current PSWID board wants to purchase the Pine and Strawberry Water companies. This is a bad deal for the people in Strawberry. If this goes through residents of Strawberry will:

• Lose the advantages of the local water supply. With a single water district, all of the Pine and Strawberry residents will have equal access to any water within the district. Restrictions will be applied evenly to both communities. This means that Strawberry will have less water.

• Pay much higher water rates. Most of that money will be used to improve the situation in Pine. Strawberry will be paying for fixing Pine’s water issues.

There is no real reason why the Strawberry Water Company has to be included in the PSWID board’s efforts. Strawberry Water Company provides adequate service to a community that has sufficient water. The PSWID board should limit its purchase efforts to the Pine Water Company.

Ray Pugel has made access to his Milk Ranch well water conditional on the community buying the water company. Just buying Pine Water Company should meet that condition. This will leave the residents of Strawberry to chart their own course with their own water. This way the residents of Pine will pay for the solution of Pine’s water problems, not the residents of Strawberry. If at some future date it makes sense, the purchase of the Strawberry Water Company could be addressed.

I urge the current PSWID board to recognize that the creation of a single water district that includes both Pine and Strawberry is a bad deal for those in Strawberry. I recommend that the PSWID board to drop its efforts to purchase the Strawberry Water Company.

Pam Mason


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