Homeowners Need To Help Make Payson Beautiful



I frequently drive around our local neighborhoods to see what’s new. I am so dismayed by what I have recently seen in our more moderately priced subdivisions.

Weeds knee-high along the street and in yards, furniture sitting out, junk cars and trash. Bad enough about the current state of the housing market all over the country, but to make it so much worse by not taking care of our property is so sad.

Your home is your biggest investment. Owners take care, landlords take care. Neighbors should help neighbors clean this mess up and start taking pride in your neighborhoods again.

Let’s not make a bad situation worse.

I know that there are able-bodied people living in many of these homes who can do yard work and go to the dump and if you have an elderly neighbor who can’t, then help them.

Please, let’s work together to make Payson beautiful and proud!

The Town of Payson also needs to reprimand commercial owners along Beeline and 260 to clean up their act also.

Alice Wright


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