Mclane, Other Roads Are Not A Racetrack



Here we go again. What is it about Sherwood Drive that causes some people and event planners to choose the area for unwanted events?

Some of us are concerned about our neighborhood being invaded by those unknown to us. The definition of residential is not racetrack, race course, or race anything, nor is it a pathway to the wilderness.

Anyone putting a lawn chair on, or entering private property uninvited is trespassing. Trespassing is illegal, which would then involve the police. This could be avoided by the marathon staying on McLane and not going on Sherwood Drive, a residential area.

If more space is needed, then cross Main Street and go behind the rodeo grounds. The present times sadly are not conducive to allowing unknown people in our neighborhoods. What are the plans to protect the marathon route from garbage and property damage? Just stay on McLane.

Roy B. Olson


don evans 8 years, 3 months ago

Mr. Olson, You are absolutely correct in your letter comments. It seems the Town wants to turn West Sherwood Dr. into a defacto community event epicenter. Next it will be a Save the Javalina 5K run, or Adopt a Squirel walk a thon. Now the Town wants to connect West Sherwood Dr. up to Airport Road. Hmmm, I see future bike races coming down from Airport, down Sherwood to Mc Lane. Ain't it great. If you live in the Alpine Village stretch, good luck. You are on your own as individual homeowners to advocate for keeping your neighborhood "your neighborhood!"


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