No To The Y



It amazes me how much money a nonprofit organization like the YMCA has spent on lawsuits, mailings and full page ads. Is this your membership dues going into the community for our own good?

The people of Payson have every right to decide on their own if we want to pay dues to use our park land or keep it available for all to enjoy. Your vote will also reflect how we feel about being sued for the right to vote, which we should have without our town having to foot a bill to pay for that right.

I only had a problem with the YMCA using our park for their location in the beginning, but now I also have a problem with the tactics and heavy-handedness that this organization has taken toward our town and citizens to achieve their goal.

Keep spending your money on your ads, but you are not changing my vote. You get a big no vote from me.

Marcy Bryan


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