Solving The Crisis



It’s so simple a caveman can do it. I can’t believe that our congressmen are so stupid and inept when our nation is floating on enormous deposits of energy of all sorts, oil shales and sands, coal, off shore deposits, just to name a few.

Making immediate use of these resources would go a long way in reducing, if not solving our present bailout financial crisis, a debt which our inept Congress got us into in the first place. Leasing out all these controlled environmental energy sites which they think they own, would provide billions and billions of dollars in lease monies almost immediately, and big bucks in lease monies and royalties.

When these energy sources are produced thousands of jobs would also be a result.

Several years ago, Germany suffered a similar financial crisis, which they solved by the elimination of the capital gains tax, investment monies flow in so fast they couldn’t believe it. What keeps our Congress from doing the same? It’s difficult to believe that these people are so blind to something so simple.

We need to clean out Congress and elect those who have some common sense and who are thinking of their country and not to their next election.

This suggestion kills two birds with one stone, it solves our energy crisis and the bailout crisis.

Ed Wedge

P.S. There would be no need to import foreign oil and thousands of jobs would be created.


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