Support For Haapala Urged



I would like to recommend Dan Haapala for Gila County Supervisor in District 1. I have seen Dan for the last four years dedicate a lot of his time and money to our community. Dan lives in East Verde Estates where I live and I have watched him work almost every Saturday helping older residents clean lots to prevent fires in our community and haul the brush to the brush pit at no charge to the residents. He is always ready to assist in making our community safe.

He is on our fire board and works with our firewise program. He does not do like a lot of others and say “you need to get involved” he is involved. I have found him to be honest and hard-working, and when he says he will do something, then you can count on him. He is valuable member of our small community and I for one think we need someone like him in county government.

He will represent those of us in our part of the county and make sure we get our share and that we are recognized as part of Gila County and not just for our tax money. I am so tired, as most of us are, of politicians who promise everything to get elected and then forget about us when in office. Dan has shown us in East Verde that he will get involved for the good of the community and expect nothing in return. It would be refreshing to have someone like him in office for a change.

If you want a good man who is honest, hard-working and will take care of our area, then Dan Haapala is that man.

J Hinton


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