Argument In Support Of Proposition 401



In looking at what the YMCA brings to Payson, it’s easy to see why everyone should vote yes on Proposition 401.

The proposed partnership with the town will provide a new fitness and wellness facility, with pools and a gymnasium, for our children, families and seniors, built without using tax dollars. Memberships will be affordable; a financial assistance program will make sure no one in need is turned away.

The only impacts on the town’s budget will be an increase in income from the rent the YMCA will pay and a decrease in expenses for the town’s current aquatic program. The town will not have any financial responsibility for building or operating the facility; its contribution to the partnership is leasing land for the facility in Rumsey Park.

The YMCA has collaborated with local governments on more than 1,400 new facilities nationwide. And 187 of those facilities are in communities with 25,000 people or less.

It is the partnership with the town which makes this project right for Payson, the YMCA won’t be competing with current town programs, it will only supplement them. And sharing facilities like the pool and gymnasium with the town means the project will be financially sound and affordable for Payson.

The positives of this project greatly outweigh any arguable negatives. In addition to the obvious benefits such as combating obesity, providing an after-school venue for our kids and the creation of new jobs, the YMCA offers something not yet available in Payson: A place where people of all ages, sexes and financial situations can come together to be healthier.

We encourage Payson to join the thousands across America who are proud to have the YMCA in their communities. Vote “yes” on Proposition 401.

Bill Ensign, president and

Sharon Strople, secretary

The Board of Directors, Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation, Inc.


Pat Randall 8 years, 3 months ago

The other gyms and fittness centers were built with out our tax money. They were built with private money that pays taxes. Why is your group trying to close them down?


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