Christians, It’S Time To Take On The Liberal Left Again



I recently read an article in a Christian magazine about a survey that said 40 percent of Christians polled would vote for Barack Obama. It’s hard for me to understand why Christians would vote for an extreme liberal who supports partial birth abortion and is friends with the enemies of Christianity and the Nation of Israel.

Now, I know Mr. Obama claims to be a Christian, however I do not believe he is a Christian because you cannot call yourself a Christian and disagree with God. If Mr. Obama was a Christian, he would care about preserving the sanctity of human life in the womb. If Mr. Obama was a Christian, he wouldn’t be playing Russian roulette with the sovereignty of Israel. Christians, do not be deceived!

Mr. Obama’s double-speak is for political expediency only. He is a threat to the preservation of our faith and to the freedoms of this country. If we allow the liberal left to gain control of the Congress, the Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court, they will use their power of government to silence everyone they don’t agree with, especially Christians!

So Christians I appeal to your sensibility! Do not vote for Mr. Obama just because he “tickles your ears.” He will only sell us a bogus bill of goods. Go into that voting booth with your Bible convictions. Vote for the candidate who will back the word of God. Stand up for the rights of the unborn and for your religious freedoms, and support Israel. Vote for the candidate who supports your Christian beliefs. Remember, God’s position is the only position!

David Wait


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