No Room To Park



Last weekend I was one of several who were given a tour of the town parks. When we entered Rumsey Park we immediately saw that something was going on.

Every spot where someone could park was taken up by a vehicle. With the activity and events taking place in the park, there was no more room for any additional parking. In fact, cars were parked in no parking areas and on town streets even blocking driveways.

It became very obvious to all on the tour that if five acres of Rumsey was taken up by the YMCA there would be even less available parking for those wishing to enjoy activities in the park.

The proposed agreement between the Y and the town states that both groups would share the parking area constructed by the YMCA. This would not necessarily mean more parking spots available, only that several of the present spots would now be paved parking for both Y members and town citizens.

Let’s think of that for a minute.

How long do you think that policy would be in effect after paying Y members could not find parking spaces in the Y parking lot because too many non-paying citizens were parking in it? If the Y wanted to keep its paid members, they would have to make the lot a paying member lot only.

The result would be even less parking for park patrons than we have now. Do we really want that to happen to our Rumsey Park?

For those of us who want to keep Rumsey Park a park for all we must vote no on Prop. 401 and tell the Y to find and purchase their own land for any projects they undertake.

Tom Loeffler


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