Positives Of Ymca Outweigh Any Negatives



The positives of introducing a well-respected, value-oriented organization and facility such as the YMCA to our community greatly outweigh any arguable negatives.

In addition to the obvious benefits, such as teaching leadership skills, combating obesity, providing an after-school venue for our kids and the creation of new jobs, the YMCA offers something not yet available in Payson: a place where people of all ages, sexes and financial situations can come together to be healthier.

The YMCA is part of American culture with a very long history. Any community would be fortunate to have a YMCA. Let’s vote to bring ours to Payson!

Pastor Dennis and Sandy Bennett


Pat Randall 8 years, 3 months ago

We have Boy and Girl Scouts, churches and parents to teach leadership skills. There are gyms or just plain going outside to play to combat obesity. Creation of new jobs. The town can't hire enough life guards for Taylor pool where are they coming from to work all year around?


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