Price Fixing Conspiracy From Payson Gas Resellers



Why can I buy regular unleaded for 3.11/gal. in Tempe, but see no less than $3.45/gal. in Payson?

Simple. The retailers here conspire to fix prices. Well I don’t buy it.

That is, I don’t buy gas here. Simple as that. If they want my business they will have to stop cheating me and everyone else.

I advise everyone to boycott Payson gas stations until they stop trying to make an average extra $8 per tank on local residents.

Buy your gas in the Valley, don’t support the local gas mafia.

Doug Dolde


Pat Randall 8 years, 3 months ago

Idiots are everywhere.
Until the last month Payson has had the cheapest gas of almost anywhere in Arizona. It has been as much as 40 cents a gal. more in Mesa than Payson for the last year. why do you think the gas stations were so busy filling not only cars or trucks but their boats, and anything else they were towing that used gas on thier way back to the valley?


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